Important New Information:  Beginning this Fall, Gateway students living at a distance from the new LA campus in Ontario, CA but desiring to take master's-level classes offered at that location will be able to do so by registering as “remote access” students. 

WHAT is “remote access”? Gateway’s new facility in Ontario is equipped for high-quality educational video conferencing. Students distant from the physical classroom will be able to see, hear, be seen, be heard and in general fully participate in classes remotely. A reliable computer setup and internet connectivity capable of supporting video conferencing is required.

HOW do I find these classes? When doing a “Course Search” on the Seminary's registration web page (1) select Term: 2016 Fall semester - Ontario, (2) select Division: Master, and click the search button. Most classes displayed will have two listings. The first will be the class meeting in the Ontario facility. The second listing will have the same professor, meet at the same time, but with a limit of 5 “seats” and will list the location as “Campus, Ontario - Remote Access.

WHEN do these classes meet? Remote access participants must be online and logged-in to the class video conferencing software at the same time as students are attending the class physically in Ontario. Class meeting times are detailed under the “Schedule” heading of the class listing online.

IMPORTANT ADVISORY: Registrants for remote access participation should be aware that the Seminary will be engaging in beta testing this system during the Fall 2016 semester. While the Seminary will do everything possible to assure a glitch-free rollout, we will be asking the first semester students for patience in the event of problems and for feedback to make the remote access system as intuitive, high-quality and educationally productive as possible.

A technical note: A class taken by remote access will be considered a distance education class. ​

For your convenience, you can do a quick course search here without having to log in. To check classes you are registered for, your account balances, or other functions, you will need to log in.

To do a course search, fill in any or all of the fields in the course search box, then click "search."