Course Related Forms

Used for P2553 - Clinical Pastoral Education. 

Please contact Dr. Conner with any questions (

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Anyone (student or not) who wishes to audit a course must have this form completed and approved by the professor before returning it to the Registrar's Office. Auditors are welcomed into classes as observers only - they will not complete course assignments or exams. They will not have access to student systems that house handouts, readings, powerpoints, etc. 
Classes that are not available to auditors:
Leadership in Ministry Practicum (TFE)
LOGOS software class
Online classes
Remote Access classes
Forms will not be accepted before the first class meeting.
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To bypass a particular class, submit this form to the appropriate department chair and then the Registrar's Office.

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Any student wishing to take more than the allowed number of credit hours in a given semester must complete and submit this form.

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Students wishing to satisfy a course requirement with another course must complete this form and submit it to the appropriate department chair and then the Registrar's Office.

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For a student who wishes to test out of a required course. Tuition for the course is due at the time of the exam.

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Any masters or diploma student wishing to complete an Independent Study must complete this form and obtain the required signatures before submitting it to the Office of the Registrar.  Must be turned in by the last day to add for that semester.
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To choose the Pass/Fail option for an elective class.

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For classes with a Remote Access component, a student can request to change to or from Remote Access. 

Classes without a Remote Access component are not eligible for this petition.

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Students wishing to obtain an exception to academic policy (i.e. withdraw from a course after the last day to drop) must complete and submit this form to the professor and then the chair of the Student Relations Committee for their campus.

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Degree Progress Forms

Students who received a bachelor's degree in biblical studies or ministry may apply to have the MDIV customized to their needs.
All applications must be submitted in your first semester - by October 1 for Fall students and March 1 for Spring students.
Please read the policies accompanying the request form very carefully.
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The Bible Teaching Certificate can only be chosen by those not in a degree program (Special Students). A degree seeking student who chooses the Bible Teaching Certificate will not be granted the certificate.
To graduate with a certificate you have already declared, complete the Certificate Graduation Application.
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Eligible students who wish to declare a concentration for their degree must submit this form.

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Any student who has completed the pre-requisite amount of hours may request one degree audit

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For a student to change their degree program, this form must be submitted to the Enrollment Office (  There is a fee for this change.

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For KEB students who wish to make a degree change (KEB or non-KEB).

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For students who wish to make a change in their program based on TOEFL scores.

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Personal Information Forms

The Housing Application Form is an online form located at:

For students who wish to allow a third party (spouse, family member, etc) access to their academic records.

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Use this form to update the Seminary if you move, change your name, change your marital status, or need to change your campus.

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For students who are taking some time off from their studies or who need to withdraw completely.

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Business Office Forms

Forms for students related to Business Office interactions.

Master’s-level students who are registered in at least five credit hours and are in good financial standing have the option to make tuition payments over the length of the semester. This plan is not available during the Summer term. Please see the academic calendar for the deferment application deadline.

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For third-party organizations, such as a church or association, who will be supporting a student by paying tuition and other fees and will not be able to meet the payment deadline. The Business Office must receive a completed Sponsorship Agreement form no later than the term’s payment deadline in order to avoid late fees. Students are still individually responsible for any outstanding balances on their account.

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Discount Forms

Discount form to be used by full time Seminary employees and their spouses/dependents. The student's schedule must be attached to the form prior to submission to their supervisor for approval.

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To be used when both spouses are currently enrolled in classes.

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Transfer Forms

Any student wishing to transfer graduate credits into GS must complete this form and submit it along with the official transcript (if not already submitted during the admission process) and course description(s).

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Graduation Related Forms

For those graduating with a Diploma, Master's, or Doctoral Level Degree.

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For those graduating with a certificate.

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A student may request to participate in a graduation exercise although lacking up to two degree requirements (6 hours max.) at the time of the ceremony. 1) Compelling rationale and 2) a realistic plan for satisfying the remaining degree requirements within one semester must be provided for the request to be considered.


If approved, participation in graduation does NOT confer the degree sought. Degrees are officially conferred only upon successful completion of all degree requirements. 

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